How To Convert Your Website Into A Mobile App Using A WordPress Development Plugin?

Do you want a solution to convert your website into a mobile app? Apps are a suitable way to deliver your content as well as provide better mobile experience. In this post we will show you the assmazing plugins for converting WordPress into mobile app.


AppPresser is one of the best platform by which you can easily convert any WordPress website into a mobile app. They have a committed WordPress mobile theme which may utilize for generating an app.

How to convert your website into a mobile App using a WordPress Development Plugin

It has a visual app modifier for changing our app’s appearance just like you would perform for a WordPress theme. You may customize colors, include custom pages, pull WordPress content as well as many more. AppPresser provides integrated push notifications which is very simple to manage as well as set up.


AndroApp is another useful plugin for converting your WordPress website development into a mobile app. It also offer offline support, plenty themes, internationalization supports, infinite push notifications, infinite scroll as well as native social sharing.

How to convert your website into a mobile App using a WordPress Development Plugin

The plugin developer can aid you download as well as configure your app which you may then submit to the play store yourself, or hire plugin author to perform it for you. The big downside of this plugin is that the free version ensures the developer to show their own ads.


MobiLoud is not a free mobile app builder. Instead, it’s a cost-effective mobile app service which you trust their team to make a mobile app for you from your website. They provide two products: one specially targeted at converting blog or news sites into apps as well as one that aids all other high-traffic sites make the switch over.

How to convert your website into a mobile App using a WordPress Development Plugin?

MobiLoud is a wonderful App Development service such as a mobile app builder as well as submission and premium support. You don’t require learning any coding as well as performing any of the work to obtain your mobile app published. Our mobile app developers will take care of all the build as well as publishing work for you. MobiLoud News apps are really native apps. Native apps ensure the finest user experience for your readers


WPApp.Ninja ensures you to generate a mobile app or a progressive web for your WordPress website. You may buy a single lifetime license to generate your app. Entire app setup as well as configuration may be performed inside your WordPress admin part.

How to convert your website into a mobile App using a WordPress Development Plugin?

It offers you easy tools to upload your app icons, colors, buttons, translations as well as more. It supports Google Analytics, built-in caching, offline content as well as compatibility with all well-liked WordPress plugins.
If you’re serious about converting your WordPress site into an app, then we recommend to you use these amazing services.

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